Truth Project III

In 2009 my Friday night Bible study went through the Truth Project….. twice….. in a row….. We considered it to be so deep, so extensive and so important that we went through it twice to ensure we could glean as much as possible out of it. Last night, almost 5 years later we have begun The Truth Project Again…..

The speaker begins making the point that his goal is for us to come face to face with the Living God! This is quite a goal. Funny how my blog write up of the previous viewings does not include this point. This was his “fundamental point” and I failed to include it. The lesson begins with the question, “For what reason did Jesus say that He came into this world?”  The teacher asks his students and they give all kinds of good, but ultimately wrong answers. Jesus told Pilate, during his trail that He came into this world to “Testify to the Truth!

The goal of The Truth Project is to see the truth claims of God and compare them to the lies put forth by the world. These truths will be in every area we can imagine. We understand that the world does not believe Christianity’s truth about such theological questions like is there a God, who is Jesus, what must one do to be saved, or is salvation even necessary. But the truth claims of God and the corresponding lies of the world are not restricted to the field of religion. The Bible has much to say about family, economics, science, history, sociology…. etc. and the world is doing its best to present opposing beliefs in EVERY area. This will be very interesting to see..

In this introductory lesson there were a couple of other ideas that stood out. He discussed faith. Lots of people say that they have faith. I know someone who once got a tattoo saying faith. The important thing about faith though is the One you have faith in. To the world it seems sufficient to have faith in anything or even to have faith in faith itself.  This is nonsense. Faith is trust. What exactly do you trust? What exactly is your faith in? If it is in God and the Truth He has presented your faith is meaningful and powerful. If you have faith in faith itself , you are trusting in the concept of trusting something without anything actually there to support that trust. There was a video of a child jumping into a pool to the arms of his waiting mother. Faith, like a child, placed on something dependable, something substantive – mom. We also must have faith, simple, and sure, placed on some One dependable, someone ultimately substantive – God.

The teacher then asked do we really believe, that what we believe is really real? Do we really believe God? Do we really believe what He has to say? Do we really depend on Him for the things He has told us to depend on Him for? Do we know he is our Author, Creator, Provider, Healer, Savior….. and much more? Too many Christian, I believe, have faith in Jesus to be their Savior, but do not understand or trust Him to be everything else….


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