Amazing God

I have not adding anything to this blog in quite some time…. Its main purpose so far has been to serve as a place to deposit my thoughts and research on free-will verses the sovereignty of God doctrine. This has probably not been so beneficial for me. It has left me a little frustrated. I don’t understand why there should be such confusion and disparity among the ranks…… but for now, I am going to let this go…..

God is Amazing. As a science teacher I enjoy teaching basic astronomy as part of the 8th grade curriculum. I enjoy it because it points to God. It is patently obvious. You have this theory that I have heard described as “the most well supported theory in all of science” and it points to a creator God. Let me interject a definition here: Theory – hypothesis that is supported by evidence. This is the definition we use in class. So, we have this theory, the Big Bang theory, and they say it is the most supported theory in all of science. And that theory says that there was a beginning. The universe has a beginning and science has no theory to go any further. Sure, there are hypotheses, like multiple universes, which try to explain the beginning of “our” universe, but the evidence remains. Our universe had a beginning and science has no theory to explain its cause.  As a believer, though, God is obviously the Cause. The whole universe and everything in it makes sense if you simply believe that there is a God and that God meets two criteria. God is eternally self existent (no one created this God and this God has existed forever) and God is capable of creating everything (matter and energy) from nothing.

I look at nature and I see the amazing creativity of this God! I went to San Diego this last weekend and visited Sea World. I saw Penguins and Puffins. I saw sharks and I saw fishes. I saw whales and I saw dolphins. I saw flamingos. Is there any other bird who’s knees bend backward? I saw an aquarium full of freshwater fish. It was beautiful. These fish came in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and patterns of colors. All the fish were designed (or some would say adapted) for the same environment. It struck me….. if one fish came upon one environment and evolved. It would remain one type of fish. If multiple types of fish were competing to evolve into the same environment, survival of the fittest would say that only the best adapted would survive. How would we get such variety out of this? I do not claim to be an expert on biology or evolution…. but variety does not make sense.

We also went whale watching. We saw dolphins play in the wake of the boat. We saw Sea Lions sunning themselves on the rocks. We did see a mother and calf gray whale, at a distance. The behavior of the animals was thought provoking. Mom kept her child at a distance. The Sea Lions were near to the boat and to people. They seemed like people just wanting to lay out in the sun. The dolphins were even nearer to the boat and to the people. What “survival instinct” would cause them to come and play with the boat. At first I thought that they were simply smart enough to take a free ride on the boat’s wake to get wherever they were already heading. But the boat circled and criss crossed the group several times and the dolphins mostly stayed with the boat. The seemed to be enjoying their time racing with the boat. Once again, what survival instinct could this be? No, it seemed to be for fun. Perhaps like the humans surfing or skiing enjoying the thrill of the fast motion of the bodies through or on the water.

On Sunday we visited Carlsbad’s Flower Fields. I was reminded of a line from a Sandy Patty song back in the 80s. The line said something about the fact that God could have made our world black and white, and we’d have never known…. But no, our Amazing God made things with great variety and He made things in COLOR! I believe He intended it for His and our enjoyment.  Hallelujah (Yeah God!)

Here are a few pics from our trip…..

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