Truth Project #3 – Who is Man?

We have taken several Fridays off in a row… Good Friday, an Emmaeus Walk and a Worship Coference.

A while back, we did week #3 – Who is Man?

The answer to this question divides Christianity from, well, basically the rest of the world. The dominant answer to this question from ‘others’ is that man is the most evolved creature on earth. That we are simply the smartest product of star stuff.¬† (The various elements are theorized to have come from the process of dying stars. When large stars die the explode in what is called a super nova – spewing various elements out into the universe.)

We believers, however, understand that we are God’s special creation. We are the one he designed and created the whole universe for. We are the ones made in His image – with His capability of choice, with His desire and ability to design, with His desire for relationship.

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